Oak Smoked Back Bacon from The Ethical Butcher

Valentine's Oak Smoked Back Bacon

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For the perfect Valentine's Breakfast.

8 rashers (minimum 350g)

Back bacon is a cut of bacon that includes the pork loin from the back of the pig.

Each loin of pork is hand rubbed with one of our unique bacon cures and left for one week before being matured for up to a month and then sent out as whole flitches or sliced and packed.

Selected flitches of bacon are smoked in the Maynard’s Farm Smokehouse. The brick chamber is blackened by years of smoking and the rich smell is deliciously intense as the flitches hang from high hooks, taking in the wooded smokiness over a period of 48 hours. The wood shavings used for smoking only travel a few miles.

We source our pork as carefully as we source all of our meats, in that we find animals that have had a natural life where possible also performing vital land management roles such as forest clearing.

Traditionally cured using salt sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite and sodium ascorbate (a salt of vitamin C)

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UK Home Delivery

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